Hotel Energy Reduction Consulting

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Over a five-year period, DMA has helped the ownership group of two of Chicago’s finest hotels evaluate and pursue strategic energy reduction initiatives. By targeting improvements that offer significant efficiency gains with rapid payback times, our work with the Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton hotels has enabled our client to meet or exceed corporate carbon reduction emission goals and save on energy costs.

Our leadership role integrates and prioritizes the smartest investments. We collaborate with internal and external experts to pinpoint the highest areas of energy waste, troubleshoot those problems, and select or reject potential system improvements with input from all stakeholders. Our familiarity with renewable energy installations helps us quickly assess alternate strategies.

Working closely with each hotel’s chief engineer and design and consulting partners, we have implemented pump replacements, a water pressure control system, thermostat and setback control upgrades, kitchen equipment upgrades, air conditioning system improvements, and more. We have led comprehensive lighting surveys for each property and assisted in the planning of future ventilation strategies. The client continues to involve DMA on a periodic basis to guide this program.

Chicago, IL
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Project Management, Building Analysis / Energy & Cost Modeling
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Jason Westrope
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