900 North Michigan Green Roof East

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Owners of 900 North Michigan Avenue sought to enhance the attractiveness and functionality of this mixed-use building’s largest floor of office space. DMA had previously overseen a successful green roof installation on the building’s west side, an amenity for luxury condo owners. Our client asked us to manage the transformation of an east-side gray roof to a ninth-floor garden and patio for office tenants and oversee office space reconfiguration. Development of the 15,000 square-foot green roof also required lower level structural retrofits in the fully operational retail and hotel levels.

DMA managed this effort without disruption to the building’s other tenants, delivering a distinctive amenity for office users that improved marketability of the tower. We oversaw reinforcement work on lower floors and a design that ensured proper placement of heavier elements. Multi-level, stepped plantings include a variety of irrigated sedums, grasses, trees, and flowering perennials and provide a privacy screen for an accessible, 700-square-foot terrace. Tenants indoors enjoy an expansive green view, through updated curtain wall systems, and renovated common areas. 900 North Michigan Avenue now boasts almost an acre of green roof.

Chicago, IL
JMB Realty
Landscape Architect
Hoerr Schaudt
Shapiro Associates
Linn Mathes
President's Award, Commercial, 900 North Michigan Green Roof, Illinois Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects, 2011
Project Management
Jason Westrope
Jason Westrope
Team Lead
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