Guiding Quality Redesigns

Heather Martin joined DMA last May and immediately began putting her experience in commercial interior design and project management to good use. She has focused on the second phase of renovations for the 900 North Michigan Shops, including the design of LED ceiling-mounted screens, entry portal mock-ups and design, tenant blade sign layout, and concourse ceiling and lighting redesign. Heather has also worked closely with the design and construction teams since last summer to coordinate meetings and generate and monitor an ongoing task list of open items, deliverables, and completion dates.

In the same building, on the nineteenth floor, Heather has been working with Walton Street Capital on an office space redesign, making sure details meet the needs of each executive while keeping the budget in line. She’s also involved in planning the logistics of the renovation to avoid disrupting office operations. Heather's experience before joining DMA primarily includes office renovations, along with a few build-outs and restaurant renovations. We're glad to have her on our team!